I wanted you to know how joyful I am at having been able to learn from you. The lessons weren't just in organizing, but in graciousness, freedom, peace, strength, joy, stillness. All the wonderful things I see in you were gifts and blessings to me. I KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that without your strength and leadership those attending the conference would have been short-changed. They still would have been blessed, yes, but because of YOU they received the richest blessings and lessons possible.

You were the still point, the world tree, the center that held all of us together. Your soul is so strong, so vibrant and SO ALIVE, that it radiated to everyone around you.

My deepest gratitude for your spirit and love

- Christine

You are so nurturing I feel cared for. You have wonderful empathy so I feel your compassion. You have great intuition so I feel you really understand me. You are a great listener so I feel heard. You are incredibly supportive so I know I am not alone. I feel like I am much more than just a client & income. You truly want to make a difference and you do!

- Terri

Dr. Lauren is more than an extraordinary practitioner. She is an eloquent communicator, inspiring teacher, gifted facilitator. She quickly recognizes missing puzzle pieces as they appear and skillfully draws from her wisdom and intuition each session. She is consistently, deeply present and caring, vivacious, funny and adorable. As she shapes her gifts with heart and humor, which makes the experience fun as well!!!

- Roxanne

I was weary physically and mentally. I was looking for a mentoring relationship with a deeply committed and compassionate person. I was looking for a guide, a coach, a trainer who could connect with me and my history as a whole person…a practitioner who could teach and inspire me to heal. I found you!!!

- Roxanne

I chose to work with you because of your compassion in conjunction with your partnering approach. When you promised to be there for me, to partner with me, to support me, to take my hand, to help me. All the while looking into me eye to eye and then touching my hand and heart. I know in that moment I was stepping on to the right path…A path with heart. In that moment I felt relief. I didn't have the burden of figuring it out solo any longer. I had found a soft, safe place to land. My heart has found its home.

- Roxanne

It is Doctor Lauren's flame of essence that ignites and fuels mine. She is a catalyst who purely passes the torch to others to re-ignite their own flame of essence, on a journey to sustainable spiritual healing. 

- Roxanne

Because of your consistent presence, depth of listening and partnering with me (interacting, engaging, modeling, interpreting, translating, sharing stories, giving examples, recognizing and honoring where I am) all without judgment or expectation, I feel totally supported, more confident and more trusting the process and in myself. You are an eloquent communicator, teaching your system, which gives me tools to put in my toolbox; strategies I can take home with me. You offer a safe space and generous time, never confined or rushed, honoring my pace and comfort zone. What you do and how you do it is divinely inspired and inspiring.

- Roxanne

Dr. Lauren has taught me how to care for and about myself. I love that I have the tools to check in and assess myself and what my body/mind/spirit need at that moment.

- Makaila

I am surprised how much better I feel just knowing I have support and I don't have guess anymore!

- Mary

Here begins a sustainable healing process of Re-discovering & Re-experiencing the Essence we were born with, in a safe, nurturing environment. Genuinely dedicated to empowering each client's personal Self-Re-Discovery, she compassionately and softly meets you where you are. Sessions whether by
individual or group, are engaging & experiential. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, this is a non-cookie cutter approach. She presents unique tools and tangible keys as to how to use your spiritual toolbox!

It is Doctor Lauren's flame of essence that ignites and fuels mine. She is a catalyst who purely passes the torch to others to re-ignite their own flame of essence, on a journey to sustainable spiritual healing.

- Roxanne